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Katastrofehjælp (Eng)

Danish Lions Clubs Disaster and Releif Help   Danish version

The total donations over the 39 year of the foundations history are 5.100.000 USD

The Disaster and Releif Help was, by overwhelming majority, decided by the Danish Lions Clubs, MD106, at there annual convention May 18, 1974.
The foundation has, solely purpose to, by funds from the clubs under MD106, make releif doing or immediately after disasters or emergency situations in Denmark or in other countries. By the term disaster means a situation, where a large number of people are brought in a situation, where there livelihood or the society is in danger.

When aid has to be used outside Denmark, it has to be donated in such a way, that it safely and effective goes undisturbed to the needing part. This help has to be donated through a local Lions District or Club, LCIF or an established NGO with a well-established reputation.

As an example on how the foundation works, the foundation did donate a total of 1.286.000 USD doing the aftermath after theTsunami in Asia. The funds built 3 schools, private homes, donated fishing boats and did give the immediately help the first days and weeks after the disaster. All through the local Lions.

The Disaster and Releif Help has of November 2007 finished, in close operation with District 301 A2 in the Phillipines, building new homes for the ones hid by the typhoon in late November 2006. The photos here shows the before and after situation at the affected area.

Phillipines November 30, 2006

Phillipines August 20, 2007






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